30 Blog Posts in 30 Days: Day 7

Just write something, for God’s sake …

Word of the Day: Apotheosis

Apotheosis (noun): (1) the elevation of a human to the rank of a god; the raising of a person or thing to divine status; deification (2) the culmination or highest development of a thing; the ultimate, quintessential, or final form (3) the exaltation of a person or a thing to a final state of triumph or glory


Our president assured himself that his apotheosis was guaranteed after his rocky tenure ended.

Freud considered his ideas to be the apotheosis of psychological philosophy.

The Greek emperor, after his successful conquest over the Persian kingdom, convinced himself that his apotheosis to an equal among the Olympian gods was assured.

Poem of the Day

by James Joyce

Gold-brown upon the sated flood
The rock-vine clusters lift and sway:
Vast wings above the lambent waters brood
Of sullen day.

A waste of waters ruthlessly
Sways and uplifts its weedy mane,
Where brooding day stares down upon the sea
In dull disdain.

Uplift and sway, O golden vine,
Thy clustered fruits to love’s full flood,
Lambent and vast and ruthless as is thine

Thought of the Day

Envy is a fourth dimensional error. What I mean by this is that when you envy someone, for whatever reason, you envy that person frozen in a moment of time.
Perhaps you envy someone for their wealth, or their luck, or their talent. Whatever the reason may be, you should step back and regard that person’s life as a continuum. Imagine that person growing old. Imagine that person’s last moments, on their deathbed, staring into the terrifying, unfathomable void of death (it is the great unknowing, as Denise Levertov once said), for that is our common fate and that which puts us all on equal footing. We all become helpless children at that moment.

We are all children before God.

30 Blog Posts in 30 Days

My goal is to write thirty blog posts in thirty days. Each post will consist of a Word of the Day, a poem from a famous poet (public domain only), and either a thought or a verse (or two) from yours truly.

First Post: October 11th, 2019
Last Post: November 9th, 2019

Wish me luck!

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