A Poem a Week

My Practice

This is not a poem per se, but something I wrote and recite to myself during my meditation practice.

(Before Starting)

May my commitment to this practice be honest and true.
May my practice nourish my soul.
May my practice bring me peace.
May my practice be a light to others.

(After Finishing)

My commitment to this practice was honest and true.
My practice nourished my soul.
My practice brought me peace.
May my practice be a light to others.


Each week, to keep the creative juices flowing, I will write a poem. It will probably be a draft and require some additional love, so please be forgiving. I invite you to join me on this journey. I will try to publish the poem every Monday. It seems fitting to begin on Memorial Day.

It’s the 52nd week of 2023.

Fun fact: On December 31, 1600, The East India Company was formed. It was a British company created for the commercial exploitation of India and Southeast Asia.

If you want to learn about the East India Company, I’d strongly suggest checking out the Empire podcast. It’s a hoot!

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