One French Word A Day – Spring 2022

Day 27 – cochon

The Learning French 100 Day Project – Friday, April 15, 2022

I’ve been studying French on and off for about a year. My interest in the language began when I started reading classical French novels by Balzac, Dumas, Flaubert, Stendhal, and others. I’m also a budding armchair historian of the French Revolution. In 2018/19, I spent Christmas and the New Year in Paris. Bonne Année !!

French is a beautiful, musical, romantic language, … and I’m keen on learning it.

For the next 100 days (all of Spring 2022), I’ll focus daily on a French word and use it in sentences. The results of my efforts will surely be hilarious, peppered with errors, and unequivocally bad French … but you gotta have the freedom to fail.

So, without further ado … let’s learn French! Allons-y!


cochon (masculine noun) : pig


Le fermier élève des moutons et des cochons. (The farmer raises sheep and pigs.)
Vous pouvez décider mettre votre cochon d’Inde dans le jardin ou sur le balcon quand il fait beau, au printemps ou en été.
(You can decide to put your guinea pig in the garden our on the balcony when the weather is nice, in spring or summer.)
Paul ne doit pas manger comme un cochon.
(Paul should not eat like a pig.)

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