I longed for thee when first I crawled to consciousness.
My dreams were all of thee when in the chrysalis I lay.
Oft myriads of my kind beat out their lives
Against some feeble spark once caught from thee.
And one hour more — and my poor life is gone;
Yet my last effort, as my first desire, shall be
But to approach thy glory; then, having gained
One raptured glance, I’ll die content.
For I, the source of beauty, warmth and life
Have in his perfect splendor once beheld.

Miss Frank Miller, from C.J. Jung’s Psychology of the Unconscious


Do my words have an ear?
Do they have a mouth?
To whom and by whom
were they spoken?

I have a pantheist’s ear,
and I have a pantheist’s eye.
The god I worship I call Friend.
The goddess I call Beloved.

In all things do I see
god and goddess.

You may sin against god
because you may repent
and absolve yourself
of those sins.
Time’s ledger will balance.
The scale will be even;
on one side good (absolution)
and on one side evil (sin).

But when you sin against your goddess,
You will have her blood on your hands,
and her blood will burn like an acid,
and you will forever be scarred.
Time will pay the evil by you done
with punishment equal to your crime.

You will pay dearly for it,
despite her nature to forgive.

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