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The Cosmic Cheeseburger

There was once a man who had read about the Cosmic Cheeseburger and very much wanted to taste one.

He sought out a cook who, it was told, could prepare such a delicacy.

The cook said to him, “Your palate is not yet refined enough to appreciate the subtle flavors of a Cosmic Cheeseburger.”

The man did not believe him and asked to be tested so as to prove that he was, indeed, discrimating enough to taste one.

So, the cook prepared two cheeseburgers. He said, “The first cheeseburger is an ordinary cheeseburger. The second is a Cosmic Cheeseburger. Taste them both and describe to me your sensations.”

So, the man tasted both cheeseburgers. The first cheeseburger tasted like any ordinary cheeseburger, the likes of which he had tasted a thousand times before. The second cheeseburger, however, tasted of divine origin, as if the hand of God Himself came out of the clouds and set it on his plate.

The man described his experience and exclaimed triumphantly, “Do you see? I can most certainly tell the difference, and I both humbled and awestruck to have received such a revelation.”

The cook responded, “You are a hypocrite and a fool. Unbeknowst to you, I prepared not one, but two Cosmic Cheeseburgers.

“In the first case, you are not, as I said before, sensitive enough to experience the flavors of a Cosmic Cheeseburger, and because you were not expecting them, you missed it entirely.

“In the second case, it is only your pride deluding you into imagining the flavors of a Cosmic Cheeseburger. The real experience of such flavors would not have produced the hysterics you described.”


Each week, to keep the creative juices flowing, I will write something (who knows what?). It will probably be a draft and require some additional love, so please be forgiving. I invite you to join me on this journey. I will try to publish something every Monday.

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