You and I

Starving for your ripeness,
the winepress of your lips,
the blood of your river,
the root of your tree,
the lost highways you traveled by,
the miles of imagined miles,
the shadow of a hungry hawk circling a dry summer day
in late July
carried by the carrion of days
heaped upon a pile
and counted like a pauper’s coins.

Stories from your lips
will fill my soul
as bread and water
to a dying man,
days alone
on the scorched desert sand,
torn savagely from his home.

The train head bellowed not once in the night,
so mourned it of your absence.

You and I,
the fountain of our delightful alchemy.
You: god-born naiad of Mount Helicon, come home
bearing August’s gladiolus.
I: shepherd to your flock
of antinomian desires.

Fun fact: Antinomianism is any view which rejects laws or legalism and is against moral, religious or social norms. The term has both religious and secular meanings. Outside of Christianity, the term is used in Buddhism and Hinduism, and denote transgressive aspects of Vajrayana and Hindu Tantra, which include sexual elements.

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