100 Day Project Three – Day 20

DAY 20 (July 1st, 2018)


there is something like death in it—
this letting go.

flushed and sodden,
the heart grasps, like a shipwrecked child, at empty air.

finality is a face like ice
it will melt into grace
it too sheds cold tears.

cup your clay hands
slake your tired thirst
twice born, thrice born
born-again born, from these
wine dregs drink deep.

Novel X

Daily Word Count: 127


She pounded back the last of her Molten Stinger and got up to leave in a huff.

The 100 Day Project

The 100 Day Project

The 100 Day Project is a creativity excavation. It’s about unearthing dormant or unrealized creativity by committing to a daily practice everyday for 100 days.
Creativity is a skill. The more we practice, the more skilled we become. Practice takes time. Practice takes commitment. Practice is a radical act in this speeded up world. Through practice, we develop a creative habit. Through habit, we reconnect with and know ourselves again as a creative being.

I started this, my third, 100 Day Project on June 12th, 2018. My project is to write at least one first-draft stanza inspired by a poem, a quote, an idea, a painting—anything, really (or nothing at all) and to write at least one hundred shitty first-draft words of my novel. I’ll post the results here.


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