Before Reading Any Bit of News

(repeat the following)

The world is headed toward something.
Catastrophe? Maybe not.
Perhaps all the good people of the world
will turn it all around. Perhaps.

But you remember something.
Whether catastrophe or turning-it-all-around
no matter what you do
will ultimately make no difference as to the outcome.
That’s just how truly insignificant you are.
Whether you do all the right things
or you do all the wrong things
or, what is most likely, somewhere in between,
what will happen will happen
just like it will happen
if you had never been born.

So, take heart, my young friend!
And love the people you know.
What’s true for you is true for them.
Love is what makes the unbearable bearable–
what eases the pain of ceaseless foreboding.

Yes, even that would be enough, hallowed love!
Such a gift as that may not be repaid.
But further still, in love is beauty born.
Love the people you know
and fill them with your soul-flower
that blossoms in your naval
in a forever spring.

Then you may smile and say,
“I did all I could.”
And all the souls of those that died before you
will lift you up as their champion.

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