Behold the Human Spirit

The son knelt beside his dying mother. He held her hand and stroked her hair, and tears fell from his face.

A silver necklace hung around her neck with a silver cross, upon which hung a crucified Jesus. She held it tightly, and said, “Save me.” She said it over and over again.

Her son held her right hand, and her left hand held the cross.

When she breathed her last breath and the light went out of her eyes, her son cried, “He will not save you, mother. I will save you. It is your spirit that gave me life. It is your spirit that is divine.”

And her spirit rose from her body into the air, and upwards through the sky, and into space, and into the heavens, and finally she was at the door of her home. But the door was locked and would not open.

In her right hand was a key. She unlocked the door, went inside and laid down to rest, smiling.

Inspired by the song Wings for Marie by Tool

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