I Hear You

I hear you.
Do you hear me?
My lament and my devotion?
You are breathless and nocturnal
in a room next to mine.
Before the valley door towers the guard of Janus.
He divides our worlds two from one.

But I am an owl.
And I am a hawk.
And I am a bird of love.
I am a fire liminal.
No mask shall come between us.

You need not knock.
I am a sail against the western wind.
We are one heart, one face–
One winged love that does the gate unhinge.

Fun Facts: A liminal deity is a god or goddess in mythology who presides over thresholds, gates, or doorways; “a crosser of boundaries.”
A mask with two faces is called a Janus mask, after an ancient god who had two faces and who guarded over doorways.

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