Rose Petals Fall

One of the loneliest aspects of time is transience. Time passes and takes everything away … But the opposite is also true when you are having a lovely time and are really happy; you are with the person you love … On such a perfect evening or day, you secretly say to your heart, God I wish this could continue forever … Even Faust begged the moment to stay … ‘Linger awhile, for you are so beautiful.’

Anam Cara, John O’Donohue


(Rose petals fall)

Brushed by the hand
of a goddess in her garden,
a chalice of life and longing
among her chosen flowers–
by chance,
or by fate,
or by fortune,
or by whim,
or by caprice,
the rose petals fall

(one by one)

The days and I are one fabric–
the years too long,
to encompass in a thought,
to hold in the hand,
unless I roll them all up like a bolt,
but then the old layered memories are gone,
not gone, but hidden,
in dusty, jewel-encrusted boxes,
in brittle photographs,
in words scrawled on napkins,
in rooms no longer visited.
Where is the laughter? Where is the tea?
The servants have fled
for emerald pastures.
They left without a sound
without a footfall in the night
to mark their secret passage.

(two by two)

But then there was you
and I held your petaled hand,
your petaled heart–
let my heart not fall without you.

To say that I love you.
To say it!
The sound flickers like a candle,
carried in the night,

searching from room to room
from unshuttered window to door unhinged,
from creaky floor to startled misstep,
a votive offering to the moon,
“See here, moon! Add this light to your light!
I have light to give!”

Please dearest,
Let my heart not fall without you.


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