Word of the Day – Regicide

REGICIDE – (noun.): (1) one who kills, murders, or shares overt responsibility (as by acting as judge or executioner) for the death of a king especially to whom he is naturally subject (2) the killing or murder of a king


When the news broke of the regicide the night before, it was no surprise, since it was widely believed that the king was a real jerk.

Of course, I am a regicide, and I am proud of the fact, because the king deserved to die, and violently at that, and at my hand, because he had murdered my entire family in the dead of night.

Why don’t you, dear reader, create your own sentence using the word regicide in the comments below?!


Word of the Day is a daily, or weekly, or bi-weekly, or monthly, or quarterly, or perhaps even biannual feature where I define a word I stumbled upon in a book that was heretofore unknown to me and create several, oft clever, oft dim-witted, sentences employing it, to the amusement and ridicule of the general populace.

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