Word of the Day – Rubicund

RUBICUND – (adj.): inclining to redness : RUDDY, RED


Elsa, normally rubicund and smiling, was stark white with fear.
As the young boy roamed around the toy room, his face become more and more rubicund with merriment.
“I’m so glad to see your glowing, rubicund cheeks today, my dear Ollie,” said Meredith with glee.
Paulina drove the blade deep into her enemy’s bowels, causing the man’s rubicund blood to spill out of him like water from a busted pipe.

Why don’t you, dear reader, create your own sentence using the word rubicund in the comments below?!


Word of the Day is a daily, or weekly, or bi-weekly, or monthly, or quarterly, or perhaps even biannual feature where I define a word I stumbled upon in a book that was heretofore unknown to me and create several, oft clever, oft dim-witted, sentences employing it, to the amusement and ridicule of the general populace.

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