30 Blog Posts in 30 Days: Day 2

Just write something, for God’s sake …

Word of the Day: Otiose

Otiose (adjective): (1) being at leisure or ease (idle, unemployed); (2) without profit (sterile, futile); (3) lacking use or effect (4) of a deity:  remote and aloof; not concerned with the details of the world


Changing my cat’s behavior so that he won’t bite my ankles is an otiose endeavor.

My otiose days lounging on the front porch without a job have been surprisingly relaxing, despite the fact that I have no money.

The otiose Babylonian god, Marduk, cared very little what happened in the ancient world.

Poem of the Day

by Thomas Hardy

       Along the way
        He walked that day,
    Watching shapes that reveries limn,
        And seldom he
        Had eyes to see
    The moment that encompassed him.

        Bright yellowhammers
        Made mirthful clamours,
    And billed long straws with a bustling air,
        And bearing their load
        Flew up the road
    That he followed, alone, without interest there.

        From bank to ground
        And over and round
    They sidled along the adjoining hedge;
        Sometimes to the gutter
        Their yellow flutter
    Would dip from the nearest slatestone ledge.

        The smooth sea-line
        With a metal shine,
    And flashes of white, and a sail thereon,
        He would also descry
        With a half-wrapt eye
    Between the projects he mused upon.

        Yes, round him were these
        Earth’s artistries,
    But specious plans that came to his call
        Did most engage
        His pilgrimage,
    While himself he did not see at all.

        Dead now as sherds
        Are the yellow birds,
    And all that mattered has passed away;
        Yet God, the Elf,
        Now shows him that self
    As he was, and should have been shown, that day.

        O it would have been good
        Could he then have stood
    At a focussed distance, and conned the whole,
        But now such vision
        Is mere derision,
    Nor soothes his body nor saves his soul.

        Not much, some may
        Incline to say,
    To see therein, had it all been seen.
        Nay! he is aware
        A thing was there
    That loomed with an immortal mien.

Thought of the Day

Our attention can either be projected outward, toward the world, or inward, toward our own psyche–toward our inner world–our thoughts, emotions, memories, and imagination. This poem reminds me of people who take walks with earbuds in their ears, likely listening to podcasts, or the day’s news, or something similar, so enrapt in whatever it is to which they listen, that they do not engage in the world flowing around them and in which they move.
I don’t suggest we shouldn’t engage our time fully. It is amazing that we can listen and learn about nearly anything that interests us through modern technology, while we walk, drive, wash our clothes, etc. But we should also learn to listen to the world, and to let it flow through us … that is another kind of learning–a learning for the soul.
If I walk upon a well-worn path, with the intention of quieting my mind, and watching the world, I see things in it I haven’t seen before, even though I may have walked the same path a hundred times before.
It may be worthwhile to consider Hardy’s poem. Perhaps, we will look back with regret one day that we didn’t spend more time discovering the world’s beauty teeming all around us, if we would have just stilled ourselves for a time to watch and listen.

30 Blog Posts in 30 Days

My goal is to write thirty blog posts in thirty days. Each post will consist of a Word of the Day, a poem from a famous poet (public domain only), and either a thought or a verse (or two) from yours truly.

First Post: October 11th, 2019
Last Post: November 9th, 2019

Wish me luck!

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