30 Blog Posts in 30 Days: Day 3

Just write something, for God’s sake …

Word of the Day: Lambent

Lambent (adjective): (1) playing lightly on or over a surface;  gliding over; wavering, flickering (2) softly bright or radiant (3) light and brilliant


The young man gazed absently on the lambent river, as his canoe gently glided with the current in the early hours of the morning.

Their bodies lay exhausted, lambent and musky, as the city in the night swelled all around them.

They looked into each other’s lambent eyes, filled with love and longing.

Poem of the Day

by Pablo Neruda

Ark of forbearance and anger, derelict
Night of the brute, antarctic outlander.
Nearing or passing me — an ice-field
Displacing the darkness — one day
I shall enter your walls, I shall rear
On the sunken marine of your winter, your armory.

Southward, there crackled a holocaust, black
With your planet’s expulsion, the domains
Of your silence that moved in the algae
And jostled the lump of the ages.

Then, form was, alone, was magnitude
Sealed by a world’s agitation, wherein glided
Your leathern pre-eminence, mistrusting
The gifts of its nature: tenderness, power.

Ark of our passion, inflaming
A hummock of dark, as with torches.
When your blind blood was quickened
An epoch of ocean still slept in its gardens.
And in an immensity the disfiguring moon
Divided its track with a magnet of phosphor.
Life sputtered,
The mother-medusa, blue in the flame,
A tempest of multiple wombs.
And increase grew whole in its purity
Like the pompano’s pulse in the sea.

Among waters, your congress
Of mastheads and spars was disposed

Thought of the Day

How the Id compels us! What atrocities and mass destruction is caused by the repressed aggressions of powerful men! Neruda’s poem is about the slaughter of whales.
I remember once stopping traffic to move a turtle out of the middle of the road. The woman driving the car behind me looked at me malevolently, as if to say, “You’re going to save a turtle? And whilst doing so, waste minutes of my precious time?”
I wonder, at times, how a human can become so callous … and so fixated on her own wildly inflated ego.
And I also wonder why it is in this culture that a man cannot empathize with animals–small and helpless animals–without feeling emasculated. Why is so necessary for a man to be hard-hearted?
I don’t like this aspect of our mid-western culture.

30 Blog Posts in 30 Days

My goal is to write thirty blog posts in thirty days. Each post will consist of a Word of the Day, a poem from a famous poet (public domain only), and either a thought or a verse (or two) from yours truly.

First Post: October 11th, 2019
Last Post: November 9th, 2019

Wish me luck!

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