Word of the Day: Pellucid

According to Merriam-Webster, pellucid means:

  1. admitting maximum passage of light without diffusion or distortion, eg: a pellucid stream
  2. reflecting light evenly from all surfaces
  3. easy to understand

I recently read the word pellucid in a lovely passage in Joseph Conrad’s Lord Jim. Here is the passage:

At that moment it was difficult to believe in Jim’s existence—starting from a country parsonage, blurred by crowds of men as by clouds of dust, silenced by the clashing claims of life and death in a material world—but his imperishable reality came to me with a convincing, with an irresistible force! I saw it vividly, as though in our progress through the lofty silent rooms amongst fleeting gleams of light and the sudden revelations of human figures stealing with flickering flames within unfathomable and pellucid depths, we had approached nearer to absolute Truth, which, like Beauty itself, floats elusive, obscure, half submerged, in the silent still waters of mystery.

My sentence using the word pellucid:

There was no neither sound nor sight. Neither wave nor wind. I sat in my lonely boat surrounded by all sides by the pellucid lake.


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